Pre-press Management

Companies all over the world invest millions developing compelling sales and marketing campaigns that drive revenue, however all too often money is lost due to the improper use of color or poor print and production. By outsourcing your color and print management to Bamboo Design, you can guarantee against errors during this critical process, saving money and ensuring you to go market on time.

Color Management

Take the guesswork out of color management and ensure each and every product matches your unique brand palette.

Printing Management

Protect against the myriad problems that can arise during production by outsourcing the entire print management process.

Color Management

Whether you are printing marketing material or designing product packaging, poor color management can incur costly reruns and delay your speed to market. Bamboo Design offers a full range of color management services including color development, image retouching, color separation, proofs, prototypes, and on-site press runs to ensure the end result perfectly meets your expectations. Our color management team follows every stage of
your project, providing advice on print feasibility from the early stages of design to the finished product. By carefully controlling the data, we can guarantee the colors we use in your file, proof and print packaging are accurate. Bamboo takes the guesswork out of color management, saving you time, money and worry.

How we can help

End-to-end solution

Our color management team follows every stage of your project, from design to artwork, color separation and print.

Product consistency

Our color development, image retouching and color separation services help build a standard digital file for printing.

Expert advice

We offer design solutions and printing feasibility advice, carefully considering all factors such as material, ink, time, optimal printing process and the end result.

Printing accuracy

We use color calibration and target proofs to create a definitive printing guide.

In-house print expertise

Through our on-site press runs and printer management services, we work seamlessly to ensure your designs are perfectly produced.

Professional software

We use color management software such as GMG and Esko, as well as world-class hardware from Epson and X-rite to guarantee your colors and profiles are built correctly.

Printing Management

When it comes to producing a product, package or promotional campaign, a host of potential problems can arise that result in a less than perfect end result. From incorrect colors, to sloppy cropping and poorly laid plates, it is surprisingly easy for your printer to make a mistake. Bamboo helps mitigate the risk of costly printing errors, managing the entire process on your behalf
from start to finish. Not only do we use our own in-house printer to produce high-quality proofs; we also offer a full suite of printer management services that allow us to control the output of third-party printers. We guarantee you'll receive your finished product in perfect condition and on time, every time.

How we can help

Focus on quality

Bamboo offers an unparalleled focus on quality, ensuring your printing projects are perfectly executed.

Save time and money

We save time and money with our in-house proof printing facilities .

Seamless project management

Our seasoned professionals continually review our print management processes to deliver your products on time.


We also offer a full suite of color management services, guaranteeing a true match to your chosen palette on the finished product.