Strategy / Design / Artwork

Bamboo Design works with you to develop a brand strategy that captures the true essence of your company, designing unique product packaging that clearly communicates your key features and brand values to the world.


Brochure & Catalogue / POSM materials / Visual Design / Store Display Design

We offer a full range of POSM services designed to help you capture the attention of the market, increase sales and ultimately drive growth.


Material / Concept / 3D Print / Prototyping

Bamboo Design helps make your products stand out from the crowd by developing unusual, attention-grabbing packaging concepts that embrace a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.


Brand Design / Brand Execution / Brand Guideline

Develop a robust corporate identity that speaks to your target audience and helps ensure your sales and marketing collateral communicates your brand in a compelling, consistent manner with Bamboo Design.


QR Codes / Touchcodes

Through our sister-company, Bamboo Technologies, we work with you to develop unique QR codes and touchcodes that strengthen your brand by enabling innovative communication campaigns.

Digital Imaging

Photography / Retouching / 3D Digital Imaging

With an in-house stable of outstanding photographers and creative professionals, Bamboo Design has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, helping them develop a custom made image library.

Pre-press Management

Color Management / Printing Management

By outsourcing your color and print management to Bamboo Design, you guarantee against errors during this critical process, saving money and ensuring you to go market on time.